Obodo Paralegal Advocacy Training 2024

Call for Applications

Call for applications

The Obodo Centre for Advocacy and Equal Rights is pleased to announce the launch of the maiden edition of her Obodo Paralegal Advocacy Training (OPAT) program. OPAT 2024 is an Obodo initiative for social transformation and human rights advancement for the Nigerian LGBTQ+ community through grassroots building and community empowerment. The programme offers an opportunity for young queer activists around Nigeria to further and improve on the work they do or that they intend to do.

Pursuant to the above, Obodo hereby issues a call to the general community of young, vibrant LGBTQ+ activists or aspiring activists in Nigeria interested in furthering and increasing the impact of their work to send in their applications to be a part of the first-ever OPAT cohort.


To strengthen the Nigerian LGBTQ+ rights grassroots movement by building community capacity for grassroots activism.

Program Structure

The OPAT program is organised to take place over a period of five months (August to December) during which period individuals shall be taken through a multi-disciplinary, multifaceted curriculum that covers the complex dynamics of queer activism, advocacy and engagement within the Nigerian socio-political and legal context. The program consists of a hybrid of in-person and virtual training structured in a manner that is flexible and attuned to the learning needs of participants. The physical training will take place in August, September, and December, and the virtual training will run throughout the period. It will also be facilitated by a team of skilled and experienced personnel specifically reviewed and selected for the purpose.

General Expected Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, the paralegals will be expected to:

  • Know the scope of work of community paralegals and their ethical and professional responsibilities in their engagement within the LGBTQ+ community.  

  • Understand the human rights framework in Nigeria, as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution and other laws as well as in the international law commitments of Nigeria; 

  • Become familiar with the basic elements and procedures of the civil and criminal justice systems and how to effectively engage and negotiate with the Nigerian Police and Law enforcement

  • Improve understanding of the protection and response mechanisms under various laws and how they can be utilised to protect LGBTQ+ persons in Nigeria from violence, harassment, and arbitrary harassment from state and non-state actors.

  • Develop an understanding of key Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sexual Characteristics (SOGIESC) concepts, rights-based approach to LGBTQ+ advocacy, and how to incorporate it in their work.

  • Build an understanding of both in-person and public social engagement and advocacy strategies, including de-escalation tactics, effective communication, insightful inquiry, and emotional engagement.

  • Learn practical application of knowledge through case studies, assessments and group and individual exercises.

  • Learn organising, networking, and community building at the grassroots level for deeper social penetration of advocacy activities and effective SOGIESC education.

Benefits of Participation

  • Monthly stipend of N50,000 for data connection to facilitate your participation in the training.

  • Accommodation and Transportation support for the physical training sessions.

  • Access to seasoned, experienced, and skilled facilitators.

  • Improved capacity for effective advocacy and activism.

  • Certificate of training completion issued by Obodo.

  • Opportunity to work with Obodo at the end of the training.

  • Improved opportunity for employment within the activism space.

Who Can Apply

Queer and Non-queer persons living in Nigeria who are passionate about advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights.


  • Must have access to a laptop.

  • Must be ready, willing, and able to dedicate at least 8 hours each month for the training.

  • Must be ready, willing, and able to travel for the physical aspects of the training.

How to Apply

You may apply by uploading the following documents:

  • A copy of your Resume/CV with two referees. 

  • A brief personal statement of not more than 1000 words.

Please note that the referees should be activists or personnel within the Nigerian LGBTQ+ activism space.

For any questions or inquiries regarding the residency, contact us at info@obodonigeria.org.


Application Deadline: 23rd July, 2024