Human Rights Film Fund 2024

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Open call for filmmakers

Are you passionate about using film to tackle pressing social justice issues? Do you have a compelling story to tell that challenges norms, celebrates resilience, and strengthens marginalised communities? Whether you're an experienced filmmaker or just starting out: your voice matters. We invite you to embrace diverse mediums and innovative storytelling techniques to share your unique perspective and address human rights challenges head-on!

About the Program

The Human Rights Film Fund by Obodo is dedicated to amplifying marginalised voices and supporting narratives that advocate for the basic rights and freedoms that all humans are entitled to, regardless of their ethnicity, sex, nationality, religion, or any other status. We encourage submissions employing diverse storytelling approaches, including documentaries, personal stories, animated films, and experimental projects, as long as they effectively convey human rights narratives and inspire empathy, understanding, and action.

Funding Information

Two filmmakers will receive a €6,000 work grant each to support the implementation of a human rights-focused production with a lens on capturing the essence of resilience and the human experience.


We are seeking projects that delve into various aspects of human rights, including LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, and advocacy. We encourage narratives that highlight the intersectionality of queer identities with other marginalised groups and celebrate the struggles, triumphs, and resilience of individuals within these communities. Projects with sub-themes, narratives, and cultural nuances that are relevant and relatable to African audiences are highly encouraged.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to filmmakers based in Nigeria.

  • Filmmakers at all stages of their professional lives, from emerging to established, are encouraged to apply.

  • The Fund embraces a wide range of production methods and formats and encourages submissions from filmmakers leveraging accessible and innovative tools to capture and express their craft.

  • Projects should align with the fund's mission of promoting human rights and social justice.

  • Applicants are obliged to disclose any existing funding commitments or submissions to other funding bodies for the same project.


The fund is now closed and no longer accepting submissions. Thank you to all who have applied. Our panel will review submissions and be in touch with applicants soon.

Selection Process

  • Our selection process prioritises ethical filmmaking practices, authentic storytelling, and inclusivity in representing diverse voices

  • A panel of esteemed jury members, comprised of industry experts and human rights advocates, will ensure a fair and transparent review process.

  • Selected projects will be based on the materials and responses provided by the Artist Applicant in their submission.

  • Applicants recognise that the evaluation process involves objective assessments of submitted materials by the panel members and hereby consent to abide by the decisions reached by the panel.

Requirements for Submissions

  • Artist’s resume/portfolio.

  • Concept note outlining the project's premise and objectives.

  • Proof of concept (preliminary images, excerpts, scripts, etc.).

  • Budget detailing expenses and funding requirements.

  • Timeline for project completion.

Apply now and make your mark by sparking discourse, fostering empathy, and inspiring action through film!

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