Come home, we are still here

Helping young queer Nigerians actualize their full potential

Obodo is a youth-led nonprofit empowering queer leaders in Nigeria

No one should face the world alone

In Igbo, Obodo implies a people who have existed together since time immemorial having helped each other in times of great hardship and shared joy in periods of triumph. We strive to create this sense of belonging for those in our community.

Our Programs

A rising tide to lift all ships

Our youth-led organization focuses on LGBTQI+ rights and education in Nigeria through art, tech, direct outreach, and public campaigns

Economic Justice

Powerful knowledge-sharing workshops offer queer community members support as they look to pursue careers in art, technology, and other fields

A Home For Queer Art

We provide a space for artists to collaborate and showcase their work, bridging queer African expression with the international creative community

You’re Not Alone

Monthly film clubs, book clubs, virtual and in-person discussions, and meetups allow queer Nigerians to share knowledge and form empathic connections

In Case Of Emergency

We dedicate financial resources to a queer emergency fund to provide mutual aid for folks who are experiencing homelessness or needing other forms of support

Arms Wide Open

Our social media campaigns directly counter homophobic rhetoric, offering closeted Nigerians a positive representation and tips for how to live safely and authentically

International Artist Residency 2024

The Obodo International Artist Residency (Obodo Oma), invites applications from Black diaspora artists to collaborate with Nigerian artists, focusing on the intersection of arts and human rights and how the former can be leveraged in dealing with societal norms and prejudices while advocating for LGBTQ+ people in Nigeria and beyond.

Obodo Paralegal Advocacy Training 2024

The Obodo Centre for Advocacy and Equal Rights is pleased to announce the launch of the maiden edition of her Obodo Paralegal Advocacy Training (OPAT) program. OPAT 2024 is an Obodo initiative for social transformation and human rights advancement for the Nigerian LGBTQ+ community through grassroots building and community empowerment. The programme offers an opportunity for young queer activists around Nigeria to further and improve on the work they do or that they intend to do.

Human Rights Film Fund 2024

Amplifying marginalized voices and supporting narratives that advocate for the basic rights and freedoms that all humans are entitled to

Queer Artist Fund 2024

The Queer Artist Fund seeks to amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ artists in Nigeria, providing a platform for creative expression, dialogue, and community building.

Reclaiming our spaces

Combatting Nigeria's harsh anti-LGBTQ legislation by helping one another flourish

2024 Obodo Tour

Our speaking tour offers networking opportunities with helpful talks discussing:

  • advocacy of the African LGBTQI+ movement
  • collaboration with the global queer community
  • supporting your own mental health
  • and more...

Our Blog

28 Sept 2023

Women Deliver 2023

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AfricaNXT 2023


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11 Sept 2023

Queer Naija Convo

Queerphobia, Cisheteronormativity and Performance in Nigerian Universities

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25 Jul 2023

Embracing Queer Narratives Through Cinema

Building Bridges of Inclusion: The Queer Film Club’s Screening of "14 Years and a Day"

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1 Jun 2023

Please Come Home

A call from our founder Matthew Blaise

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Our Partners

We are proud to work with international partners supporting the rights of sexual minorities worldwide

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Our Team

Meet our powerful voices who are championing the cause of LGBTQ+ rights in Nigeria

Our activists are decolonizing Nigeria to create affirmative spaces for queer persons

Matthew Blaise

Founder & President